Asians on Film Festival 2016 Schedule

This year AOFF is going green including our program. The schedule of screenings is posted here and the full color program will be posted at the beginning of March. For now, we want to get the information out so AOFers can plan to attend. Wednesday, March 9th... read more

Asians on Film Festival 2016 Nominations

2016 FILM FESTIVAL NOMINEES Best Drama: Coming Home (Steven Liang), Mooncake (Francois Yang), Touch (Lulu Wang), Visiting Mum (Cassandra Nguyen), When Mom Visits (Chiung Chang) Best Comedy: Behind the Scenes with Chad and Sam (Sam Li & Chad Maxwell), D.Asian... read more

Tom Choi Interview

Tom Choi has an extensive resume dating back to the late 90’s with a number of TV guest spots and feature films. In 2015 he became a member on the SAG-AFTRA board in Los Angeles. He joined the cast of MTV’S TEEN WOLF in its 3rd season and returns for... read more

Asians on Film Festival Fall Quarter 2015 Winners

2015 has come to an end and now the countdown to the festival begins! Judges have made their decisions for the Fall 2015 quarter. Winners in each category are automatically selected to be screened at this years festival and are one of the nominees for the festival... read more

Jason Chu Interview: Hip-Hop, Spoken Word Artist

Sitting down with Jason Chu is exercising the brain. The interview was so long I didn’t know how I was gonna edit this down to the standard 5 minutes. In fact, I didn’t…when I chopped to 7 minutes I quit. One thing that Jason is very clear about is... read more

Glenn Is Dead?? Or?

Once upon a time there was an unknown Korean actor named Steven Yeun who landed a role on a brand new AMC series called THE WALKING DEAD that premiered October 31, 2010. Five years later, October 25, 2015, Glenn is dead. Or is he? Did we really see him die? One of... read more

Asians on Film Festival Summer Quarter 2015 Winners

Our 2016 film festival is inching ever closer. We have our new festival logo thanks to our sponsor Pixel X Code and they have also updated our website! These are the Summer Quarter winners and honorable mentions. Winners automatically are accepted into the 2016... read more

Asians on Film is now a Non-Profit!

Asians on Film started as something small in 2010 as a way to promote Asian American minorities in Hollywood and break down stereotypes and create more representation in film and TV. As the audience grew so did AOF. Before long we expanded into providing free services... read more

Asians on Film Festival Spring Quarter 2015 Winners

Spring quarter ended June 30th and if anyone is wondering why it took so long to announce the winners it’s because we keep breaking submission records and that’s more for the judges to review. As a reminder, quarterly winners in each category automatically... read more

Is Hollywood on the Verge of an Asian Invasion?

Aloha once again has thrown in everyone’s face the issue of whitewashing. Let’s start by acknowledging that the problem rests with the people in power who make films and control decisions about the process including casting. It’s no secret this select group of people... read more
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