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Glenn Is Dead?? Or?

Once upon a time there was an unknown Korean actor named Steven Yeun who landed a role on a brand new AMC series called THE WALKING DEAD that premiered October 31, 2010. Five years later, October 25, 2015, Glenn is dead. Or is he? Did we really see him die? One of... read more

Asians on Film Festival Summer Quarter 2015 Winners

Our 2016 film festival is inching ever closer. We have our new festival logo thanks to our sponsor Pixel X Code and they have also updated our website! These are the Summer Quarter winners and honorable mentions. Winners automatically are accepted into the 2016... read more

Asians on Film is now a Non-Profit!

Asians on Film started as something small in 2010 as a way to promote Asian American minorities in Hollywood and break down stereotypes and create more representation in film and TV. As the audience grew so did AOF. Before long we expanded into providing free services... read more

Asians on Film Festival Spring Quarter 2015 Winners

Spring quarter ended June 30th and if anyone is wondering why it took so long to announce the winners it’s because we keep breaking submission records and that’s more for the judges to review. As a reminder, quarterly winners in each category automatically... read more

Asians On Film Festival – Winter Quarter 2015 Winners

The search for AOFF 2016 Festival films has begun! These are the winners of the Winter Quarter 2015. Best Drama – Winner: Visiting Mum (Cassandra Nguyen), Honorable Mention: My Life as a Sock (Tony Jonick) Best Comedy – Winner: D.Asian (Sarah Smith), Honorable... read more

Asians on Film Festival 2015: Award Winners

AOFF2015 handed out 16 awards on Sunday, March 29th and with so many excellent films the judging was competitive and difficult. We received hundreds of comments from attendees about the solid selection choices and even the difficulty they would have making decisions.... read more